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Where the link is to a final draft, please cite the published article.

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Book Reviews

Review of Michael Almeida's 'The Metaphysics of Perfect Beings', European Journal for Philosophy of Religion (forthcoming)

Review of Anthony Everett's 'The Nonexistent', Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews available at

Review of Thomas Sattig's 'The Double Lives of Objects', Philosophical Quarterly (invited submission).

Review of Gabriele Galluzzo and Michael J. Loux's 'The Problem of Universals in Contemporary Philosophy', Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews (invited submission).

Works in Progress

Mereological Nominalism Renewed

If All The Songs Were Sets

Unpublished Works

This section is for those papers that, for whatever reason (rejected replies etc.), are unlikely to see the light of day in their current form.

Heterodox truthmaking theory can be defended by cost/benefit analysis (Rejected Analysis reply)

Debunking a Mereological Myth (Wrote this ages ago; never going to work it up into a full article; outdated by  more recent efforts by other philosophers)

Celebrities Discuss Philosophy (Never intended for publication in a research journal)


My thesis is titled 'The Restricted Composition of Material Objects'. I call it 'Typofest 2007'. Feel free to download a copy by clicking here.