Currently I have just the one research project:

• Time Travel: I have nearly completed a draft of my book The Philosophy of Time Travel. It examines the Grandfather Paradox in-depth, arguing that we should endorse a heterodox variant of David Lewis’s theory of time travel (and not endorse theories involving, e.g., hypertime or travelling to other universes). I then examine how probability and decision making functions in time travel scenarios before bringing it all together to show how the possibility of time travel – even if creating a time machine won’t be feasible for a long, long time – bears on both the Fermi Paradox and existential risks facing humanity. Chapters that haven’t made the ‘cut’ include work on Ludovicianism and the open future and a development of my views about how time travel bears on persistence – they’ll see publication in venues elsewhere.

The book manuscript occupies most of my attention at the moment, leaving little room for anything else. Other interests I have that fill the void in those periods where I’m burnt out from thinking about time travel include:

• Properties: Having completed my paper ‘The Location of Properties’, I’m still nursing an interest in the ontology of properties. I have a few ideas in nascent form.

• Persistence: I’m contracted to complete a book, Persistence, for Polity, which – after delays – should get started on in Spring 2016 after the time travel manuscript has been completed. 

• Philosophy of Religion: I’m currently working on another paper on the metaphysics of the Trinity. I’m also fairly obsessed with the Fine Tuning Argument. When my current projects are discharged I look forward to indulging that obsession. 

You can find a list of my publications here.