I've taught a wide variety of courses: from metaphysics to epistemology; from medical ethics to the philosophy of mind; from medieval philosophy to modern philosophy. This year my teaching load consists of a first year course on general philosophy, a third year course on philosophy of religion, third year course on ontology, and a third year course on the philosophy of time travel. 

I currently supervise doctoral candidates researching areas including  metaontology, the philosophy of time, the philosophy of mind, and the nature of causation and conceptual analysis. I can supervise theses in a wide variety of areas of theoretical philosophy, including metaphysics and many areas of philosophy of religion, science and mind. If you are looking to begin researching for a PhD (including via distance learning) and would be interested in me as a supervisor you should contact me and seek out further information from the University of Birmingham website.

Long ago I wrote a set of guidelines for undergraduate essay writing. You can find them here